We provide expertise on integrating innovative equity approaches to the development of teams, while centering their mental health, which is desperately needed during this unprecedented time.

Health Strategies

We take a holistic approach to address the many factors that perpetuate inequities in public health and create solutions by developing products and services that have a measurable and sustainable impact. We also strive to leverage the public sector for the public good. We believe that it’s only by working collaboratively, can we promote health, equity, and sustainability.

Our health strategies services include:
• Developing high-impact interventions to eliminate health disparities.
• Fostering collaboration among researchers, clinicians, families and community partners.
• Providing training and technical assistance to promote program sustainability and workforce development.

Program Management

Effective and efficient program management is key to delivering equitable health services and promoting social justice. Through strategic thinking and planning, we design programs that are powerful enough to end practices that unfairly target BIPOC communities and develop solutions that move us all forward. But simply developing and managing a program isn’t enough. We also create pathways for individual and organizational growth while championing community capacity building through training and education. We work closely with organizations and communities to identify their needs and priorities, develop a customized plan, and select an appropriate team to help us achieve their deliverables. Our program management services include:

• Program planning, design, and implementation.
• Program evaluation and accountability.
• Fostering capacity-building within clinical and community settings.

Research and Evaluation

At H.E.R.S, we are dedicated to addressing health disparities and the health conditions that result from racism, structural inequality, bias, and stigma. We do this by offering research and evaluation services that enable institutions to develop health practices and interventions to improve health outcomes and eliminate health inequities. We promote understanding among scholars, community leaders, clinicians, and policymakers to ensure that research and evaluation efforts are rooted in equity, and account for the intersecting experiences of racism and health. Through our research, we hope to catalyze equitable solutions that respond to the local needs of the communities we serve.

Our research and evaluation services encompass:
• Developing models to address health disparities.
• Evaluating grant-funded projects.
• Conducting and collaborating on research studies.